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Helpful Hints
Frequently Asked Questions:

Rolling Pin Ring Size Guide



9" rolling pin





Make sure your hands & workspace are clean when working with gum paste. 

Keep long hair in a pony tail, make sure you don't have chipping nail polish, and don't wear anything fuzzy - all of these can end up in your gum paste.

Store your floral tape in a baggie to help prevent it from drying out.

Give your gum paste decorations a beautiful matte finish!  Brush Wilton Color Dust onto your flowers and decorations for a deep, lifelike colors.  Flowers should be brushed with dust before putting them on your cake to avoid the dust getting all over your cake.  For more info, see "Creating Color Effects with Pearl Dust and Color Dust" on page 118 in the 2013 yearbook. 

Remember, practicing at home reinforces what you learn in class and make YOU a better decorator!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use cornstarch and powdered sugar for your dusting puff?  Why not just one or the other?  Cornstarch alone dries out gum paste too quickly, powdered sugar alone absorbs into the medium and can make it stick to the working surface.

Can I make my own gum paste?  Yes, but not for class.  You need to use the Wilton ready-to-use gum paste, or you can pick up the powdered gum paste mix and prepare it at home following the instructions exactly as listed on the can.  You need to learn how to work with and understand how gum paste works before trying to make it from scratch.  Once you have finished with this class, see page 117 in the 2012 yearbook for the recipe to make your own if you choose to.

Gum Paste vs. Gum Tex - what's the difference?

Gum-tex is a powdered ingredient used to make gum paste.  It can also be added to fondant to make it set up firmer faster when making flowers.  Gum paste is an edible clay used to make hand formed flowers and decorations. 



I want all my students to have the best Wilton class experience possible, and your feedback is welcome!  If there's anything you would like to tell me about this class - what you liked, anything you didn't like, something you would like to see added to future classes that you want me to pass along to Wilton - please Email me, mention this class (Course 4) and your feedback.


c4 03-28-12

How to Get Ready For Each Lesson of Course 4...

Please arrive a few minutes before each class to unpack and set up your workspace according to the "Getting Started" page for each lesson.  As a courtesy, please set your cell phone to vibrate or turn it off.

Bring to each lesson:

  • Your Course 4 Lesson Plan (book) and contents of your Course 4 Student Kit.

  • Plastic bags to bring home your used decorating supplies.

  • Apron, pen, sticky notes

  • Towel or plastic tablecloth to cover your workspace

  • Reusable, disposable cloths (dampened) for clean up.

  • Container(s) to carry home your flowers.

Note:  Make sure the needle-nose pliers you pick up for this class also have a wire cutter in the middle.  If you need help picking out a pair of pliers, please see Sue before class.

Course 4, Lesson 1


Please bring all items listed on the Class Supply Sheet.


Important:  Bring measuring spoons to the first lesson (1 tablespoon, 1/4 teaspoon).

  • Write your name & phone number on the cover of your book, top-right corner.  If you accidentally leave your book at the store that'll make it easy to reunite you with it!

  • Don't forget to bring in a container(s) to transport home your flowers.  Use quilter's batting to help cushion your flowers.  Put some facial tissue between the batting and your flowers to prevent it from getting caught on your flowers.

  • If you already have a filled dusting pouch from a previous class, please bring it with you.  Re-fill if necessary.

Course 4, Lesson 2


-follow directions in your book on Page 13.

  • Don't forget to bring in a container(s) to transport home your flowers.  Use quilter's batting to help cushion your flowers.  Put some facial tissue between the batting and your flowers to prevent it from getting caught on your flowers.

  • Organize your floral wires & stamens.  Suggestion: Use five small snack-size bags, and label them as follows:

    • 26 gauge white

    • 26 gauge green

    • 22 gauge

    • 20 gauge

    • stamens

Course 4, Lesson 3


 - follow directions on Page 19

  • Don't forget to pick up some Wilton color dusts - deep pink, goldenrod, lime green & spruce green.  We will use them to add beautiful color to our flowers!

  • The 7-piece deluxe brush set is perfect for applying colors to gum paste flowers!

Course 4, Lesson 4


 - follow directions on Page 27

  • Wrap the wires of all your flowers and leaves with half-size floral tape at home and bring them to class wrapped & ready to use.

  • Pick up a pack of Wilton Extra-Fine Tip FoodWriters.  They are used for fine details on the stargazer lily.

  • Don't forget to bring in your color dusts!

2014 Yearbook

Image courtesy of Wilton Products, Inc.


For more decorating ideas using gum paste flowers, check out the 2014 Wilton Yearbook 




Form & Save Flower Storage Set


Form & Save Flower Storage Set

Image courtesy of Wilton Products, Inc.


This fantastic set is a flower former and storage tray all in one!  Recommended for transporting your flowers in Courses 2, 3 and 4.



Want to learn to make more Gum Paste Flowers? 


You may be interested in Wilton's Gum Paste Flower Cutters Kit, it contains additional cutters and instructions. Learning more flowers is easy once you've taken Course 4.  This set is available online directly from Wilton.


Wilton Gum Paste Cutters Set

Image courtesy of Wilton Products, Inc.


These beautiful gum paste flowers were made by students in my Course 4 classes.  See more lovely student flowers on the Course 4 Student Flowers Gallery!


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